Magnus quote of the day – murder, quite exhausting!

Hi… sorry for the delay, but have been doing so much I actually, sadly, forgot to post Magnus quotes. Hope it’s okay.

And put a kitchen chair in the boot, which, presumably, he brought along to have a bit of a sit down, cos murder can actually be quite exhausting.

This quote is from the episode The Man Who Smiled (0202), and it shows very well how annoyed

Magnus is when Kurt Wallander comes back from his little break… and the Magnus sass is full effect.


A little fact about me: I am a big Magnus fan, yes he may be hot tempered and sassy, but that is what I love about him. In this episode he shows first how he is annoyed about Kurt taking over his case, but when we get further into the episode he might have been wrong about the suicide.

The thing I like about the BBC version of Wallander, is the work relationship between Kurt and Magnus, I think that if Magnus wasn’t in the department, there would be no one to answer the phones. Maybe Magnus is the younger version of Kurt… can make theories all day, but I won’t.



It’s a fucking nightmare being lucid!

Ehehe… at this moment I am reading the fourth of the five novels about Patrick Melrose, and soon, actually Saturday the tv-series based on all the novels, airs on Sky Atlantic.


Well as I just said, the tv-series Patrick Melrose is based on the five novels by Edward St Aubyn, and every episode is based on one novel, so episode 1 (Bad News) is based on the first novel of the same name, and so forth…


Patrick Melrose attempts to overcome his addictions and demons done onto him by his abusive father and indifferent mother.

We follow Patrick Melrose in five episodes of his life; Childhood, to his addiction, marriage and so on.

If the novels is anything to go by, this will be quite fun to watch and Benedict Cumberbatch (who is also executive producer) is playing the leading role, so that will also be interesting to see him in something different.

Can’t wait for the series to air… I have to admit something, didn’t know the novels before seeing the news that Benedict was playing the leading role, and I thought i might have to look at the novels, so at my local bookshop I went and they had all five novels in one book. Can highly recommend the novels, if you want to laugh while reading or just want to know what the series is based on.

Just to give you a look at how the series will be:

Patrick Melrose trailer

Magnus quote of the day! For three letters?

Okay I thought I would do something I have done before. Post quotes… I have done it with Sherlock and DI Alec Hardy, now it’s time for a character that I really like… the sassy character from the UK version of Wallander, Magnus Martinsson!

Yeah, but I wouldn’t want to be the schmuck who has to trawl through that lot. For three letter? God. Oh, right. It’s me, isn’t it?

This is from the very first episode “Sidetracked” (S1 ep1)… and it’s the first time we see Magnus (played by Tom Hiddleston)… he’s not being as sassy as he is in the later episodes.

I think I will give you one more, a follow up to the first quote.

Done it. The whole database. The pendant, the letters. DMS?… 2,014 permutations for what those letters might mean. Names, companies, websites

I think it’s here we see that not many appreciate what he has just done, and the dynamic with Wallander is quite up and down. Actually Wallander cuts Magnus off in this scene. I would highly recommend watching the series, but also the original Swedish version.

New case, new people, new places, but still feels the same!

Hi, it has been some time since I have made this kind of post. Little over two years in fact. Well it’s Monday, and that means Broadchurch-day!


The most dysfunctional detective duo is back, and the grumpy DI Hardy is back in charge!

As with the series 3 start, the dynamic feels new but still the same… if you can understand me. Series 2 ended with a surprising verdict and revelation about another case.

Now it has been three years, and we are or I should say Hardy and Miller is back on a new case… this time not a murder, but a sexual attack.

Victim: Trish Winterman

Suspect: an unknown male

We are back to who dunnit… Trish was attacked by an unknown man or is he someone she knows, now that we find out that she was attacked at her friend’s birthday party. We (and Hardy & Miller) are left with a lot of questions and not a lot of answers as of yet!

This time we meet some new people, but the people in Broadchurch still pop up – like the Lattimers… Beth is counseling, and she is now connected to Trish because she is the counselor to Trish’s case, and Mark is still not over the death of Danny… he really has a hard time moving on, and maybe (SPOILER ALERT) that’s why Beth and Mark is not living together.

That’s Broadchurch for you even though it’s new and a new case there is still of the old lurking under the surface… but also there is some new strange people coming in – really Trish’s friends acts weird when they get the news about an attack at the party… not acting like friends, but rather like people with something to hide.

Verdict: 4/6 stars

Quotes from the episode

“Erm I could hear water. Running water. Wh-when I come round, I-I was on my back, on the earth, it was damp. And er someone was erm he-he was having sex with me.”

– Trish

“Do you believe me?”

– Trish

“Every time! Make the tea first and then do your nosing around.”

– Miller

“How long have they been calling me Shit Face?”

– Hardy


Moriarty quote of the day – A Nativity play by Moriarty

Ah! Isn’t that sweet? I wrote my own version of the Nativity when I was a child. The Hungry Donkey. It was a bit gory, but if you’re going to put a baby in a manger, you’re asking for trouble.

– Jim Moriarty, The Final Problem

Yes, I know it has long, too long in fact, but I haven’t had the time because a lot of things happening. But now I thought I would post quotes from Sherlock series 4, starting with my favourite villain Moriarty from the last episode.

I may be one of the few people that actually loved series 4, yes it’s not as good as some parts of the other series. But for me it has it’s merits, I actually loved junky Sherlock – we all know that in the books the great detective has a problem with drugs… even some argue over was it cocaine or opium, but I will not get into that.

That’s all for now, but when I found another great quote from Sherlock, I’ll promise to post.

Hardy and Miller are back!

david-tennant-and-olivia-colman-580702I’m so happy to announce that the brilliant tvseries Broadchurch is back for a 3rd series in February and this time it has nothing to do with series 1 and 2.

Can’t wait and I think I will just use the rest of January reliving the brilliant 2 series and the great detective work by the most dysfunctional copper duo I have seen I LOVE IT!!!

To read more about series 3 read this article Broadchurch series 3. It has everything about what the theme is for this series, and introducing some new characters.

Sherlock goes Shakespeare!

Well as many of you Sherlock fans out might know Sherlock is back on telly, but I feel that Benedict have forgot he’s not on The Hollow Crown… in the second episode The Lying Detective Sherlock goes all Henry the fifth in 221B.s_s4_e2_0822

Set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide! Hold hard the breath and build up every spirit to his full height! On! On, you noblest English whose blood is fet from fathers of war-proof! And you, good yeoman, Whose limbs were made in England, show us here the mettle of your pasture.
Which I doubt not for there is none of you here so mean and base that hath not noble lustre in your eyes! I see you standing like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start! The game’s afoot.

Well it also proves that Doyle borrowed a phrase from the great Bard – with iconic the game’s afoot phrase.

Okay I have a last thing I really want to get off my chest. If you have found me on social media you might have seen that I would have loved Tom Hiddleston to play Sherrinford, but that will not happen, so I was glad to hear the Henry the fifth speech… the closest thing to get Hiddles on Sherlock, but if there will ever be a series 5 please let Hiddleston have a part on there!